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Quince Paste
Ideal for cheese platters or on appetisers

Preserves from the Farm Kitchen
Jams, Pickles, Quince Jelly and Quince Paste at marked prices (mainly around $5.00 each).
Email for complete list of available goods and we can make up an order to collect or arrange delivery locally.

Farm grown Vegetables and Fruit
Items that are in season not listed separately like: Carrots, Silver Beet, Rhubarb, Artichokes, Parsley, Beans, Peas, etc. $5 Lots OR as Marked prices.
Send enquiry to for availability and we can make up an order to collect.

Garden Seeds
Dried and packaged seed ready for planting.
Prices marked on the packages.
Localised seed selected from the best plants which should give the best results in a similar environment to this North Central Victorian farm location.

Fresh and crispy leaves which provide tasty greens when steamed. Can also be used in other cooking.
Best picked fresh so call ahead on 0354 622331 to have the bunch ready by the time you arrive.

The "market" is open all days.
An honesty system operates with a secure cashbox and CCTV in place.
To ensure we can supply fresh produce then call ahead to 0354622331
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SUNCHOKES (Jerusalum Artichokes)
Sunchokes are not a true artichoke but a variety of sunflower tuber. Packs of 500gms =$5
These are very tasty when roasted or dried into chips.
Other uses can be found via an internet search.
To ensure fresh call 0354622331 and we will make up an order

Dry Grey Box split ready to burn. Collect from "Woodlands" Farm Market WAREEK
Currently in crate (not included) with dimensions 1.1 x 1.1 metres. Can tip into trailer by prior arrangement on 0429431216
Delivery can be arranged after Bank payment.

Market Directions
From Maryborough travel through Bowenvale / Timor and take left fork after bridge then turn left towards Dunluce. Go on straight bitumen until Wareek sign and turn left onto Woodlands Road for 890 metres. Home trip can be via Wareek township total = 30km.
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On Sale
Normally $2.50
Butternut Pumpkin
A range of Farm Fresh Produce organically grown.
Farm Fresh Produce where you can taste the difference!
Buy quantity >10kg for the discount price.
A long keeping, easy use, tasty pumpkin.
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